Heartburn and Acid Reflux Remedies - 3 Simple Tips to Get Fast Relief

Do you have heartburn? Are you looking for heartburn remedies? This article will reveal 3 simple things that are highly advised by doctors. I suffered chronic heartburn in the past. I went to see a doctor who was one of my friends. honestly speaking he said, there is no effective medicine for heartburn, antacids are mainly used for treating heartburn, but it will give you relief only for short period. The main cause of heartburn is improper life styles.

Our life styles and habits badly affect the balance of our bodily functions. Heartburn is a burning sensation radiating in the chest, throat and back side of the shoulder bone. It is a very uncomfortable experience. The following 3 tips are highly effective to avoid heartburn and it is from my own experience.

1. Stop All Your Late Night Activities

The first thing you have to avoid is keeping awake for long time at night, such as late night TV watching, partying etc.. I mean you should go to bed in time. The ideal time I would suggest is between 9.PM to 9.30 PM. Keeping awake over night is one of the main causes of heartburn and this kind of habit badly affect your balanced health system. You just observe the nature, all birds and animals will be sleeping at night.( but we have some exceptional cases: these kind of birds and animals will be sleeping at daytime then they will wake up at night ). Stop all your late night activities and should go to sleep at proper time. This way we are in harmony with the rules of nature

2. Practice Good Eating Habits.

Improper eating habit is another main cause of heartburn. Majority of people in our society are following improper eating habits such as over eating at a time, drinking too much tea and coffee instead of plain water, late breakfasts, late dinners, drinking fluid while having meals, partly or completely avoiding raw foods, use of alcohol and fizzy drinks etc.

Develop a small frequent eating habit instead of over eating at a time. It is very important to eat your break fast, dinner and supper at right time. Do not delay taking your food at the proper meal times. Human body contains nearly 70% of water. So drink minimum of 1.5 litre water every day. If you avoid drinking water you will feel dizziness, because of dehydration, it will totally affect all of your bodily functions. it is a common practice to drink tea and coffee instead of plain water. Drink enough water before starting a meal rather than drinking fluids while having food. Include raw food such as carrots, cabbages, onions, cucumber, etc in your menu and also try to avoid alcohol and fizzy drinks.

Observe the nature, animals and birds do not drink water while eating food, they drink water before or after their meals

3. Practice 5 Minute Breathing Exercise For Stress Relief

A research proved that, breathing exercise is a great remedy to heartburn and acid reflux. Because mental stress from day today life is one of the main causes of heartburn.The following step by step instructions will guide you how to practice simple breathing exercise.

Caution: do not practice this exercise, immediately after meals and after getting up in the morning. The ideal time is 20 to 30 minutes after waking up in the morning.

Step 1. Sit on a chair and keep your back bone straight. Step 2. Close your eyes slowly as possible. Keep both hands on your lap. Step 3. Take a long breath in ( inhale ) forcefully but slowly as possible until you feel your lungs are full. Step 4. Hold the breath for 4 to 5 seconds ( in this stage you do not inhale or exhale ) Step 5. Breath out slowly as possible until you feel your lungs are empty. Continue step 3,4 and 5.. do this exercise 7 to 10 times at a time. Once in a day.