Help to Eliminate Heartburn and Acid Reflux

With Gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD for short, being a very prevalent disease now days, help to eliminate heartburn and acid reflux is a booming business. There are many people who spend small fortunes looking for that all elusive cure. I believe that we can find help the natural way and not have to resort to any of the many different medicines available on the market. Of course it is always wise to check with your doctor when ever it comes to your health.

Some of the natural ways to eliminate heartburn are listed here:

Never eat then go to bed. The acids in your stomach will have a much easier time getting past the sphincter muscle guarding your esophagus when you are in a prone position. If you must eat and go to bed then at least elevate your head.

Change your lifestyle a bit. If you drink a lot of coffee cut back. If your drink a lot of alcohol cut back or at least figure out what drinks are causing the problem. If you are seriously overweight then lose some pounds as this will take undo pressure off of your sphincter muscle.

Avoid those foods that cause it. If pizza gives you heartburn then either do not eat it or do not have so much sauce on it. It is the tomato sauce that throws the acid at you. If certain vegetables cause acid indigestion then watch how much you eat at a given sitting. Speaking of when to eat, try to eat five or six smaller meals instead of only three big ones.

All of these things will help to eliminate heartburn and acid reflux but you have to actually do them to have them help.