Natural Remedies For Heartburn and Acid Reflux Disease

Heartburn and acid reflux disease are known to cause a lot of discomfort to expectant women during pregnancy. Fortunately, there are some simple remedies that pregnant women may take in order to ease the effects of heartburn and acid reflux disease while they are expecting. Below are 5 home treatments that help to ease heartburn during pregnancy.

It is common for pregnant women to experience frequent episodes of heartburn and GERD disease. Moreover, many pregnant women find it difficult to get effective antacids that they may take for periods longer than 2 weeks. This is because 2 weeks is the recommended period to take antacids which should not be exceeded. One solution to this is to take home-made remedies to cure the reflux episodes.

Some of these natural simple remedies for heartburn and acid reflux disease include:

• Taking a slice of red apple. This is because red apple is a natural antacid which can help ease the effects of reflux.
• Drink plenty of water during the day. This is because water is helps in the creation of a tight seal between the lower esophageal sphincter - LES, and the stomach. The LES is what functions in preventing the rising up of stomach acids into the esophagus.
• Honey is another simple natural remedy which may be used daily to ease the impact of heartburn and acid reflux disease on a patient. Suck on a tablespoon of honey 3 times a day, as honey has healing qualities which may soothe and aid in the repair of the weakened LES.
• Aloe Vera juice is another simple natural remedy which has been recognized throughout history for its amazing healing qualities on skin and tissue damage. You may purchase Aloe Vera juice from a local health food store and drink it regularly during the day to help to repair the damaged or weakened sphincter muscle.