The Burning Sensation of Heartburn and Acid Reflux

The burning sensation of heartburn and acid reflux is an all too common problem among us human beings. I do not know if animals get it or not but there is no doubt we humans do. You have had it, I have had it and just about every one has had it at one time or another. It can be extremely annoying especially if it is a recurring problem.

The technical name for heartburn is Pyrosis which is simply a burning sensation in the upper abdomen. While most heartburn attacks are only once in a while if they become severe they can do tremendous damage to your esophagus. When heartburn becomes chronic it could be a sign that you have what is called gastroesophageal reflux disorder commonly called GERD. Please do not mistake this for just acid reflux it is much too dangerous to put off getting checked out. I have a close friend who let the burning sensation of heartburn go and ended up with esophageal cancer. He eventually had to have his entire esophagus removed and his stomach attached directly. Fortunately he is doing great now but it was very touch and go for quite a while.

Many times some simple changes to your lifestyle can help you with the burning sensation of heartburn and acid reflux. Things like watching what you eat and eating smaller meals. Stay away from smoking if at all possible and watch what you drink when it comes to alcoholic beverages. Keep an eye on what you eat or drink that might rigger the onslaught of heartburn or acid reflux.