Heartburn and Acid Reflux Remedy

Heartburn is the killer of the joy for eating. It is a burning sensation that occurs from the stomach to the throat leaving bitter taste in the throat and tongue. This happens when stomach acid goes up to the esophagus. What heartburn and acid reflux remedy can you use to stop or prevent it?

A very good attempt will be to control and modify the diet as well as your eating habits because it usually happens after meals. However first you need to locate the root cause behind this problem before taking any medication, wrong medicine could only cause more problems.

Sucking a hard candy or chewing gum is a very effective relief. It produces saliva that diffuses and eliminates the stomach acid. Ice cream is a surprisingly good medicine that works very well against the acid reflux. Exercise and yoga reduce stress and improve digestion which again helps a great deal.

Herbal tea, fennel tea, cinnamon tea can be drunk after each meal and to help with digestion and settle the stomach. Avoiding food like alcohol, nicotine, chocolates, tomatoes and citrus fruits etc. also aids in treating stomach acid. Eat your food slowly; eat in small quantities and frequently.

Avoiding work that involves bending, wearing tight clothes, and lifting heavy objects will also help to greatly reduce heartburn occurrence.

If all these methods do not help then one should visit a doctor and get him or herself completely checked. Your doctor will watch your situation and recommend the appropriate heartburn and acid reflux remedy.